Kill Devil Hills 2018 CAMA Land Use Plan

  • Kill Devil Hills, NC
    2018 CAMA Land Use Plan Update

    About the Plan

    Planning Process

    The Town of Kill Devil Hills has initiated the preparation of an updated CAMA Land Use Plan for the Kill Devil Hills planning area.  the final document will serve as comprehensive plan for future public investment to achieve the community's overall vision.  The intent of this project is to draft a plan that will maintain the positive attributes of the existing plan, while identifying new and strategic development goals and policies, and new and strategic public initiatives supported by the community.

    Citizen Participation

    Recognizing that a collaborative effort with the public is essential, the initial step in the planning process was the adoption of a Citizen Participation Plan (CPP) by the Kill Devil HIlls Board of Commissioners.  The Board of Commissioners approved the CPP on January 31, 2018.  The Town of Kill Devil Hills Planning Board will supervise the preparation of the CAMA Land Use Plan Update.  Click here for 2007 & 2017 Land Use Plan Survey Comparison


    The CAMA Land Use Plan planning process will utilize the following schedule:

    • Phase I: Project Initiation/Public Involvement Strategy
      • December 2017 to January 2018
    • Phase II: Research and Analysis
      • January to March 2018
    • Phase III: Plan Format/Development
      • March to July 2018
    • Phase IV: Submit plan to NCDCM for review and comment; Conduct public hearing
      • July to October 2018