Kill Devil Hills 2018 CAMA Land Use Plan

  • Draft Plan Sections

    Section 1. Introduction

    This plan element provides a general overview of the plan, planning process, and enabling legislation regarding the establishment and use of comprehensive/ land use plans in local government decision-making.

    Section 2. Community Profile

    This plan element provides a general overview of existing conditions in Kill Devil Hills with regard to population, housing age and condition, and economic indicators.

    Section 3. Existing Conditions

    This plan element focuses on existing environmental and land use conditions throughout Kill Devil Hills, including environmental factors, facilities and services, transportation, land use/suitability, and neighborhoods.

    Section 4. Future Demand/Projections

    This section of the plan focuses on future growth and demand which may have an impact on land use and transportation.  Citizen input garnered as a result of the plan is also summarized in this section.  Forecasts of growth and demand are, at best, difficult.  Constantly changing local, regional, national, and international factors significantly influence the Town and the surrounding region. 

    Section 5. Future Land Use

    The Future Land Use discussion defines the framework for future growth and development throughout the Town of Kill Devil Hills.

    Section 6. Goals and Implementing Actions

     The discussion of goals, policies, and strategies will serve as a guide for the integration of the CAMA Land Use Plan into the Town’s day-to-day decision-making process.  Additionally, the goals and policies defined within this plan element will establish an organized and thorough listing of implementation strategies intended to provide for sound principles relating to future growth, economic development, modifications of service delivery, and infrastructure expansion.

    Section 7. Tools for Managing Development

    This section of the plan provides narrative and tools for implementing the strategies outlined in Section 6 of the plan.  It is intended that this document be an integral part of the Kill Devil Hills decision-making process concerning future land use.